Sunday, 18 November 2007

Bach, Allemande

17.5 x 13.5 cms
Mixed media on paper
Sold - Private Collection

This is the latest in the 'Cellist' series. I'm experimenting with technique and medium to find different ways of expressing the subject. It is also part of a collection of Cabinet Paintings that I am preparing to submit to an exhibition. Cabinet paintings originated in the 17th century, as a more portable alternative to full size works. They are not mini versions but works in their own right. I like the restrictions of working on such a small scale and find it liberating, which seems illogical.

Evening in the Gardens

16 x 20 cms
Acrylic on board
Sold - Private collection
This revisits the gardens by the sea at nightfall, a time of day that I find incredibly appealing. My imagination is at work here; it was too dark to sketch or take a good photograph. I was aware of a slightly unearthly feeling as I painted, as though there were secrets in the shadows...

Summer Daydream I

29.5 x 20.5 cms
mixed media on paper
£225 sold
This is the smaller version of the Daydream below. I don't often work in watercolour but this was done as an experiment for a competition. The medium proved to be a challenge and it didn't win but the experience was invaluable. The idea of being in a room and looking outward intrigues me; as does the reverse, which is what I'm seeing as I sit here now, a winter's dusk with golden lit windows glowing against the darkness.