Friday, 3 August 2007

The Cellist, Andalucia

12 x 16 inches/40 x 30 cms
Mixed media
Sold Private Collection

This painting was inspired by a recent visit to the Alpujarras in Spain. One evening our group of painters were invited to sketch a cellist as she rehearsed for a concert. We sat in the small village square, looked up and she appeared on the balcony of her whitewashed house. The strains of a Bach cello suite drifted over us as we endeavoured to capture her in our sketchbooks. The painting is something of a departure for me as I have not included a figure in any of my previous work. I've been really excited by this and am now working on a series based on this intriguing musician.


pip said...

lovely site, Nik. Well done!!

Flowerpot said...

and from me - have added you as a link. Welcome to blogland!