Sunday, 25 October 2009

Falmouth Nightscape

Acrylic on prepared card
24 x 30 cms
SOLD Private Collection

And here is the finished painting. I've enjoyed doing it so much that I can feel a series coming on...

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Falmouth night - a work in progress

Acrylic on prepared card
24 x 30 cms

I have long been fascinated by the sight of the docks as night falls, especially if the evening is misty. As an experiment I took some photos and this painting is the result. I wasn't sure how to get the effects I wanted and this is still being worked on. Not using a brush seemed to help...

Gun Street, Spitalfields

Acrylic on canvas
35 x 45cms
Sold Private Collection
Christ Church Spitalfields has featured in two previous paintings. Churches are amongst my favourite architectural subjects and this beautiful Hawksmoor building has a majestic quality. The streets of Spitalfields are steeped in history and with a very different feeling to the rest of the city. This shop and cafe immediately appealed to me as a subject for a painting, particularly with the church just visible in the background.

In the Orangery II

Mixed media on prepared card
31 x 25 cm approx
Sold Private Collection