Friday, 3 August 2007

Summer Daydream II

12 x 16 inches/40 x 30 cms
Acrylic on board
Sold - Private Collection

I have been painting this during our lack-lustre summer - hence the title. It is loosely based on a beautiful walled garden in Salisbury that has a charming cafe at one end. I often start from a sketch or photograph but, as the work develops, imagination takes over and the end result may be quite different. There are two other smaller versions of this, one a preparatory painting (which I got so involved in it nearly became a finished one!) and one in watercolour, which is has been entered for a national competition. Fingers crossed...


Flowerpot said...

haven't seen this one before - lovely. An explanation, perhaps?

Flowerpot said...

good ' I like the explanation. Just like writing a novel - I sometimes base characters on people I know but they change as I get to know them better.